[24-04-2014] 54th meeting: GarbageCollector & Java tricky stuff in grammar and javac

This time two talks at one session. Sławomir Ginter and Marek Parfianowicz will take us into not so often visited regions of your favorite platform.

Sławek will show us this and that about garbage collection and after that we’re going to deep dive with Marek into Java grammar issues, from version 5 up to 8.

When: 24.IV.2014, 17:30

WhereGdański Inkubator Przedsiębiorczości, Lęborska 3B, Gdańsk

About Speakers:

Sławomir Ginter
Co-Founder & Non-managing Partner. Never been a CEO nor wanted it. And proud of it. Knows a thing or two about how to write software in a non-messy manner.
Craftsmanship, low cost of maintenance vs. cowboy coding, etc. You know what it means.
You can easily learn from him a lot of under the hood stuff about Java, JVM, Scala, functional programming and why Javascript is the best language and why it’s not.

Marek Parfianowicz
I wrote my first program in Pascal in 1992 using a pencil and a sheet of paper. I’ve graduated in computer science on the Technical University of Gdańsk in 2004 and started a career as C/C++/Java developer in Lufthansa Systems. I love topics related with the source code quality, code metrics, static analysis and the test automation.

Take friends and CU there :)