[24.07.2014] 57th meeting – Piotr Limanowski – Zen of Refactoring

This year we want to organize something for everyone that stayed in 3city or that are visiting us on holiday. We will go outside, check out how it feels to sit under the blue sky in bright sun with no servers buzzing over our ears. I know, unusual, fresh air and all, but bear with us for a sec.

Please take a blanket with you, some drinks for refreshment and checkout Piotrek talk about refactoring. We hope that fresh air, sun and drinks will make our brains more productive and allow for some discussion :)

And if it will be raining? Well, we always have a fallback with standard room and nice AC :)


Software refactoring is hard. We need teachers, good practices, rules. We need peace, focus and ideas. We need the Zen-like rules for keeping our minds in check.

The talk tries to map the Zen mindfulness practices onto software refactoring using the Red-Green-Refactor, Mikado Method and a few other tools.

Same place, same time.

When: 24.07.2014, 17:30

WhereGdański Inkubator Przedsiębiorczości, Lęborska 3B, Gdańsk

See you all there :)