[11.09.2014] 59th meeting – Jos Dirksen

This time we’re having guest from abroad. Joe Dirksen will tell us story about REST, titled REST: from GET to HATEOAS.

Bit unusual date comes from the fact that we want to host two meetings each month now :) So from now on, we count on speakers even more!

When: 11.09.2014, 17:30

WhereGdański Inkubator Przedsiębiorczości, Lęborska 3B, Gdańsk
Abstract: REST is slowly becoming the standard way to expose APIs for your application. Whether it’s an internally used application or a high-available cloud based service, REST APIs are often the way to go. There are many frameworks out there that help you in building REST APIs: Rails, Play, JAX-RS etc. But, by just exposing your resources using the standard HTTP verbs, you aren’t there yet. Building a great REST API that will be easy to use by your clients, is secure, supports links and can be easily maintained (e.g versioned), is more involved. This session will explain how you can create a easy to use, secure REST API using HATEOAS (Hypermedia as the Engine of Application State), link relations and a HMAC based authentication scheme. This session will show, using a concrete example, how to get your REST API to the next level. This session doesn’t show how to implement these schemes with a specific framework, but focusses on how to use and apply these concepts in a practical example and how your clients will interact with your API.

See you all there :)

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