[04.12.2014] 64th meeting, Adam Bien – Building Reasonable JavaEE 7 Apps on Java8 called “Microservices­”

Title: Building Reasonable Java EE 7 Apps on Java 8 called “Microservices”

SOA, MSA, Micro-, Nano-, Pico-, Femto- or Atto-services: you can call your architecture however you want, but at the end simplicity, usability and productivity will win. Server side applications can be built faster, without any technical “noise”, than ever before.
Also, any reasonable Java EE architecture is already microservices “compatible”.
In this session I will build a small application based on Java 8 and Java EE 7 and demonstrate some approaches of how to further rethink enterprise apps with Java 8 and Java EE 7. Questions are highly recommended and are going not only to be answered, but also rewarded in real time. If you are interested, we could also deploy the app on docker :-).

About the guest speaker: Consultant and author Adam Bien (http://blog.adam-bien.com) is an Expert Group member for the Java EE 6 and 7, EJB 3.X, JAX-RS, CDI, and JPA 2.X JSRs. He has worked with Java technology since JDK 1.0 and with servlets/EJB 1.0 in several large-scale projects, and he is now an architect and developer for Java SE and Java EE projects. He has edited several books about JavaFX, J2EE, and Java EE, and he is the author of Real World Java EE Patterns—Rethinking Best Practices and Real World Java EE Night Hacks—Dissecting the Business Tier (http://press.adam-bien.com). Adam is also a Java Champion and JavaOne 2011 Rock Star.

When: 04.12.2014, 17:30

Where: Wydział Matematyki, Fizyki i Informatyki UG, Wita Stwosza 57, Gdańsk

Meetup: http://www.meetup.com/Trojmiasto-Java-User-Group/events/218419872/