Thanks to kindness of O’Reilly (O’Reilly Group Program) and Apress (Apress User Group Program) our group has a possibility to get free books from i.a. O’Reilly, Apress, Pragmatic Bookshelf series and many more. The only condition is to contact group liders (Contact page) and writing a review in English in a month period.

Borrowing a book from bookshelf is free and does not obligate to write a review.

Current state of bookshelf:

TitleAuthorLinkWho holds the bookReview
Pragmatic Thinking and Learning. Refactor Your WetwareAndy HuntO'Reilly
Harnessing Hibernate. Step-by-step Guide to Java PersistenceJames Elliott, Timothy M. O'Brien, Ryan FowlerO'Reilly
Just Spring Integration. A Lightweight Introduction to Spring IntegrationMadhusudhan KondaO'Reilly
Code in the Cloud. Programming Google App EngineMark C. Chu-CarrollThe Pragmatic Bookshelf
Hadoop: The Definitve Guide. MapReduce for the CloudTom WhiteO'Reillyreview
Team Geek. A Software Developer's Guide to Working Well with OthersBrian W. Fitzpatrick, Ben Collins-SussmanO'Reillyreview;
Marcin Zakidalski review
Hadoop: Operations. A Guide for Developers and AdministratorsEric SammerO'Reillyreview
Eseje o efektywności programistówMichał Bartyzel, Mariusz SieraczkiewiczBNS ITŁukasz Jarzębowski
Oprogramowanie szyte na miarę. Jak rozmawiać z klientem, który nie wie, czego chceMichał BartyzelHelionreview
JavaScript: The Good Parts. Unearthing the Excellence in JavaScriptDouglas CrockfordO'Reilly
Automate with Grunt: The Build Tool for JavaScriptBrian P. HoganThe Pragmatic Bookshelfreview