• “Clojure” – Mateusz Haligowski, June 26th (Google Groups)
  • “How to code and don’t get crazy” (Student Initiative) – Kuba Marchwicki, June 3rd
  • “Specificity of mobile testing”, Paweł Noga, May 29th (Google Groups)
  • “User Expirience / Design for beginners” (Student Initiative) – Sławomir Rodak, May 27th
  • “Introduction to Continous Integration” (Student Initiative) – Łukasz Rybka, May 20th
  • “It’s GIT!” (Student Initiative) – Jacek Jackowiak, May 13th
  • “Mobile testing specifics” (Student Initiative) – Paweł Noga, May 6th
  • “Introduction to testing” (Student Initiative) – Szymon Ramczykowski, April 29th
  • “Tricky stuff in java grammar and javac / Inside the GarbageCollector” – Marek Parfianowicz and Sławomir Ginter, April 24th (Google Groups)
  • “Introduction to Maven (and Gradle)” (Student Initiative) – Mateusz Haligowski, April 15th
  • “Introduction to Agile/Scrum/Kanban” (Student Initiative) – Łukasz Rybka, April 8th
  • “Vert.x i RaspberryPi” (workshops) – Bartek Zdanowski, March 22th (Google Groups)
  • “JDK 8″ – Michał Gruca, March 20th (Google Groups)
  • “JUnit: beyond the basics / Test with Spock like officer 1st class” – Adam Dudczak and Jakub Marchwicki, February 27th (Google Groups)
  • “Flash Talks” – Oskar Strączkowski, Adrian Nicoś i Mariusz Proma, January 16th (Google Groups)


  • “Global Day of Code Retreat” (worlshops) – Kuba Marchwicki, December 14th (Google Groups)
  • “GWT, don’t go that way” – Rafał Rybacki, December 12th (Google Groups)
  • “Escaping Automated Test Hell” – Wojciech Seliga, November 28th (Google Groups)
  • “How to take weak and sad tests back on track” – Rafał Jamróz, November 20th (Google Groups)
  • “Modeling Whirlpool – DDD modeling workshops” – Sławek Sobótka, November 19th (Google Groups)
  • “Test Driven Traps” – Jakub Nabrdalik, October 24th (Google Groups)
  • “ZeroTurnaround Road Trip” – Simon Maple, October 21th (Google Groups, official website)
  • “What’s new in JEE7″ – Kuba Marchwicki, September 26tth (Google Groups)
  • “Apache Lucene practically” (workshops) – Dominika Puzio and Patryk Makuch, June 15th (Google Groups)
  • “Groovy – Java Companion” – Zbigniew Sokołowski, May 28th (Google Groups)
  • “Measuring code coverage – uncovering the Atlassian Clover engine” – Marek Parfianowicz, April 25th (Google Groups)
  • “Functional programming in Java” – Sławomir Ginter, March 21th (Google Groups)
  • „JEE6 practically” (workshops) – Kuba Marchwicki, March 9th (Google Group)
  • “Vagrant, virtualization for developers” – Mateusz Haligowski, February 28th (Google Groups)
  • “EJB after the end of the world, that is new JEE6 specification” – Kuba Marchwicki, January 24th (Google Groups)


  • “Custom scoring algorithm implementation in Lucene” – Dominika Puzio, December 13th (Google Groups)
  • “Quick look under the hood: basics of search engines with Lucene as an example” – Dominika Puzio, November 21th (Google Groups)
  • „Apache Hadoop – quick start” – Mateusz Haligowski, October 11th
  • „Gradle, tool for frustrated builder” – Michał Gruca, September 13th (Google Groups)
  • „Przewodnik strukturyzacji architektury systemu.” – Sławomir Sobótka, May 24th (Google Groups)
  • “EJB testing” – Jakub Marchwicki, May 10th (Google Groups)
  • “Lucene and the Polish case” – Patryk Makuch, April 12th (Google Groups)
  • “Hello, Android (Market)” – Michał Kowalczuk, March 15th (Google Groups)


  • “Clean Code Scala” – Łukasz Kuczera, January 20th (Google Groups)


  • “Presentation about programming elegance” – Jakub Marchwicki, November 25th (Google Groups)
  • “Overview of Tapestry 5 capabilities” – Michał Gruca, September 30th (Google Groups)
  • “About Java, Scala and Comet in Lift” – Łukasz Kuczera, August 10th (Google Groups)
  • “Comet-like applications on the example of Grizzly Framework” – Michał Orzechowski, May 27th (Google Groups)
  • “Lucene – in search of missing information” – Jakub Marchwicki, April 29th (Google Groups)
  • “Tapestry 5 – the reason why it’s worth writing web applications in Java” – Michał Gruca, April 15th (Google Groups)
  • “Lift web framework – web applications in Scala” – Łukasz Kuczera, March 18th (Google Groups)
  • “How it’s done in Scala” – Łukasz Kuczera, February 18th (Google Groups)
  • “Groovy – reason I don’t like Java ;)?” – Mateusz Mrozewski, January 21th (Google Groups)


  • “Tools and techniques used in development of commercial applications” – Lufthansa Systems Poland, November 26th (Google Groups)
  • “Introduction to Scala language” – Łukasz Kuczera, November 19th (Google Groups)
  • “Flex Java EE applications” – Jakub Neumann, November 5th (Google Groups)
  • “Functional Testing for Web Applications” – Jacek Arent, October 22th (Google Groups)
  • “OSGi” – Piotr Soróbka, June 18 (Google Groups)
  • “JBoss Seam” – Tomasz Deręgowski, May 21th (Google Groups)
  • “Groovy and Grails” – Michał Juński, March 26th (Google Groups)
  • “Spring Web Flow” – Łukasz Kuczera, January 29th (Google Groups)
  • “Enterprise Integration on the example of particular ESB commercial implementation: Mule ESB” – Jakub Marchwicki, January 8th (Google Groups)


  • “Spring AOP” – Marcin Wasilczyk, December 4th (Google Groups)
  • “What’s new in Spring 2.5 from Java Enterprise Edition developer point of view” – Łukasz Budnik, November 20th (Google Groups)
  • “About JMS in particular and about MOM in general” – Artur Siekielski, November 13th (Google Groups)
  • “NetBeans Day 2008″ – October 26th (Google Groups)
  • “Communication application development model with Java SIP Servlet API” – Waldemar Kot, October 23th (Google Groups)
  • “Maven2 i and Mangolia project” – Cyprian Śniegota, Jube 12th (Google Groups)
  • “Java FX” – Radosław Holewa, May 15th (Google Groups)
  • “jGraph – advanced library for graphs visualization” – Piotr Borzyszkowski, April 17th (Google Groups)
  • “Google Web Toolkit” – Łukasz Kuczera, April 10th (Google Groups)
  • “Spring Framework” – Łukasz Kuczera, April 3ht (Google Groups)
  • “Design patterns” – Łukasz Kuczera, March 13th (Google Groups)
  • “Eclipse in practice” – Dominik Kapusta, March 6th (Google Groups)
  • “Inauguration meeting” – Jakub Neumann, February 28th (Google Groups)