Apache Lucene practically [May 15th 2013]

Title: Apache Lucene practically
Presenters: Dominika Puzio, Patryk Makuch
When: June 15th 2013
Start: 10am (CET)
Expected end: around 4pm (CET)
Place: Gdański Inkubator Przedsiębiorczości Starter, Lęborska 3B street, Gdańsk
Registration: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/5753111712

Description: During last year at three JUG meetings we were talking that Apache Lucene works. Now it’s time to prove it :) During workshops, together with attendees, we will create an application which will be “loaded” with phrases from polish Wikipedia and write a search engine for them with functions like: suggestions, categorization, fuzzy search, highlighting words found and many more. During this process we will share our experience related with performance of proposed algorithms. We decided that during workshops we will use core Lucene library, without ready-made solutions like SOLR, Hibernate Search or (extremely popular nowadays) Elastic Search. Their installation and set up is easy and smooth, but diagnosis of troubles in production environment, without knowledge of it’s under the hood mechanisms, can be really difficult (“There’s more Lucene in SOLR than You think!”: http://blog.orange11.nl/2012/04/11/theres-more-lucene-in-solr-than-you-think). Despite the undoubted attractiveness of ready-to-go solutions, market giants like Twitter, Wikipedia and JIRA still use “clean” Lucene.

Workshops are addressed to both those who wants to add to theirs repertoire skills of extending aplications with search functionalities and for those who works on daily basis with products based on Apache Lucene.


  • laptop
  • favorite IDE
  • JEE application server (any)

Presenters about themselves: With Apache Lucene they deal back from 2008. During work for Wirtualna Polska they created, based on this library, search engine that handles portals whole search-related traffic. Nowadays Patryk is responsible for development and maintaining search systems in WP. Dominika, together with team that she leads, minister library of components used for building portal services and content editing and emission systems.

Cats and good coffee (freshly roasted!) funs, advocates for testing instead of fixing and delete driven development enthusiasts. Sharing knowledge about Apache Lucene is their way of paying debt to open source community.