JEE6 practically [Marc 9th 2013]

Title: JEE6 practically
Presenter: Kuba Marchwicki
When: Marc 9th 2013
Start: 10am (CET)
Expected end: around 4pm (CET)
Place: Gdański Inkubator Przedsiębiorczości Starter, Lęborska 3B street, Gdańsk
Number of seats: 20

Description: JEE6 serves to solve concrete class of problems. JEE6 is not Spring. It doesn’t do everything (including making peace in the world and loundry) – it deals with certain enterprise class systems segment and it does it pretty well. Workshops purpose is an introduction in JEE6 application development environment. Productive use of standard, which means how to build typical application: database, logic (functional and non-functional) + view in few variants. We will talk about ORM’s, dependency injection, web services, tests and servlets. A lot of code, pair programming and at the end of workshops presentation of working application. I will not discuss assumptions of dependency injection – instead I will show what good can they do for us. I will not discuss if you should or should not test your software – instead I will show what works in our project.


  • mental: familiarity with Java language,
  • software: Eclipse JEE with m2eclipse, TomEE (newest version).

Presenter about himself: Developer who has moved to the dark side of force. Daily programming he switched for nightly hacking during weekends. On the one hand sometimes he misses that, but on the other hand it gives totally different perspective. It requires a lot but like nothing else it lets you wear different hats and to identify with every role in the project. Part time trainer, coeach, advocate for clean code, refactoring, testign, agile approach to life.