51st meeting, Flashtalks [16.01.2014]

We’re happy to announce that we’re starting this year with a new form (for us) of meeting. Instead of usual 60-90 min presentation on one topic, we’ll be hosting 3 speakers with 3 different talks, 20 min each.

We hope that it will allow us to grow. If anyone is interested in this form of prelection, please let us know. We’re keen to organize more meetings in the new formula.

First volunteers are

Oskar Strączkowski – Vaadin
Adrian Nicoś – Spring 4
Mariusz Proma – Automated bots trading on Forex

When: 16.I.2014, 17:30

WhereGdański Inkubator Przedsiębiorczości, Lęborska 3B, Gdańsk


See you all there!

Global Day of Code Retreat. 14.12.2013

Code retreat is a whole day programming event. Practices and exercises in pair programming and TDD. We start at 9 am with a morning coffee and a breakfast (yay!!! free food), after which we describe the idea and a problem we are planning to solve. The rules are simple: we work in 45 minutes timebox, finishing each session with a retrospective.

Mid day we plan a bigger break with lunch (yay!!! free food again). After the meal another 3 sessions  and a retrospective to sum up the whole day.

All the freebies, place to code and food were made possible by our sponsors: Spartez, Solwit i YDP.

The workshop is in the BYOL formulae (which means everybody brings their own machine). All you need to install is your favourite IDE. And obviously we are not limited to Java. Any language is fine: Java, Scala, Ruby, Python, COBOL – whichever you prefer.

Register now!

50th Meeting – Rafal Rybacki

We are happy to invite you for 50th Tricity JUG meeting. This time Rafal Rybacki will be our presenter with “GWT, don’t go that way” talk.  Rafal will tell us about his experience, gained in Young Digital Planet, while he was working with GWT

When: 12.XII.2013, 17:30

WhereGdański Inkubator Przedsiębiorczości, Lęborska 3B, Gdańsk

Slides from the presentation: http://www.slideshare.net/RafalRybacki/jug-gwt2013full

About the talk:

GWT as a tool for building rich Java Script client for browsers, both desktop and mobile Summary of two years of experience, successes and failures.

 About the speaker:

Rafal is a software engineer engaged in developing applications for web and mobile for 5+ years. Agile approach allows him to treat every day as an opportunity to get one step further. The belief that software can be used to make the world a little bit better has led him to being awarded Polish Inventor of the Year 2013 for building an eye-tracking system that helps people with disorders. His programming experiences are currently focused on Java and JavaScript languages, formerly Action Script and C++. Feeling of effectiveness is his motivation therefore he’s always enthusiastic about simplicity and cleanliness in the code.