[23.10.2014] 61st meeting, Flashtalks

Hi all,

bit of last second call, however this time we’re coming with 3 separate talks, each 25 min long. Please get ready for flood of ideas.

This time we’ll be talking about:

  • Polymer, is it the next BootstrapKamil Pawłowski
  • BDD and JBehaveRobert Kaszubowski
  • Impostor syndrome, reason why my Github account is emptyMichał Gruca

When: 23.10.2014, 17:30

WhereGdański Inkubator Przedsiębiorczości, Lęborska 3B, Gdańsk

Meetup: http://www.meetup.com/Trojmiasto-Java-User-Group/events/214422862/

[02.10.2014] 60th meeting – Rafał Borowiec, Spring Boot

Hi all,

In October we’ll be hosting two events. First will be about Sprint Boot from trenches. Our speaker, Rafał Borowiec, will tell us about his experience with that relatively new framework, and how it works for him at day2day work.

Title: Bootstrapping projects with Spring Boot. Lessons learned.


[Spring Boot](http://projects.spring.io/spring-boot/) focuses on creating stand-alone, Spring-based applications quickly by favoring convention over configuration, providing a lot of features by default. Is it worth trying? In this presentation I will demo how to get started with Spring Boot. I will also share some lessons learned during several projects we have done / doing with Spring Boot.

When: 02.10.2014, 17:30

WhereGdański Inkubator Przedsiębiorczości, Lęborska 3B, Gdańsk

Meetup: http://www.meetup.com/Trojmiasto-Java-User-Group/events/208548082/

Slides: Spring-Boot slajdy

See you all there :)

[11.09.2014] 59th meeting – Jos Dirksen

This time we’re having guest from abroad. Joe Dirksen will tell us story about REST, titled REST: from GET to HATEOAS.

Bit unusual date comes from the fact that we want to host two meetings each month now :) So from now on, we count on speakers even more!

When: 11.09.2014, 17:30

WhereGdański Inkubator Przedsiębiorczości, Lęborska 3B, Gdańsk
Abstract: REST is slowly becoming the standard way to expose APIs for your application. Whether it’s an internally used application or a high-available cloud based service, REST APIs are often the way to go. There are many frameworks out there that help you in building REST APIs: Rails, Play, JAX-RS etc. But, by just exposing your resources using the standard HTTP verbs, you aren’t there yet. Building a great REST API that will be easy to use by your clients, is secure, supports links and can be easily maintained (e.g versioned), is more involved. This session will explain how you can create a easy to use, secure REST API using HATEOAS (Hypermedia as the Engine of Application State), link relations and a HMAC based authentication scheme. This session will show, using a concrete example, how to get your REST API to the next level. This session doesn’t show how to implement these schemes with a specific framework, but focusses on how to use and apply these concepts in a practical example and how your clients will interact with your API.

See you all there :)

[28.08.2014] 58th meeting – QA Days

Hi all,

again, summer time we’re going to experiment and meet outside of building. Same place, same time, but unusual topics. Together with sjsi.org we are organizing “QA days”. There will be multiple lectures, all beneath blue sky with fallback standard room inside if weather will fail us.

Like last time, please bring a blanket, drinks and a solid dose of positive energy towards testing :) (and testers ;))

When: 28.08.2014, 17:30

WhereGdański Inkubator Przedsiębiorczości, Lęborska 3B, Gdańsk

See you all there :)

[24.07.2014] 57th meeting – Piotr Limanowski – Zen of Refactoring

This year we want to organize something for everyone that stayed in 3city or that are visiting us on holiday. We will go outside, check out how it feels to sit under the blue sky in bright sun with no servers buzzing over our ears. I know, unusual, fresh air and all, but bear with us for a sec.

Please take a blanket with you, some drinks for refreshment and checkout Piotrek talk about refactoring. We hope that fresh air, sun and drinks will make our brains more productive and allow for some discussion :)

And if it will be raining? Well, we always have a fallback with standard room and nice AC :)


Software refactoring is hard. We need teachers, good practices, rules. We need peace, focus and ideas. We need the Zen-like rules for keeping our minds in check.

The talk tries to map the Zen mindfulness practices onto software refactoring using the Red-Green-Refactor, Mikado Method and a few other tools.

Same place, same time.

When: 24.07.2014, 17:30

WhereGdański Inkubator Przedsiębiorczości, Lęborska 3B, Gdańsk

See you all there :)

Tricity JUG meets meetup

Dear all, as you may have already seen, we’re now present at meetup.com thanks to generosity of our sponsors. Big heart to them!

Please register and follow us there to learn about all the presentations, university lectures, workshops and everything else that we’re organizing. It’s super easy and will allow you to always remember about our meetings :)

So now do those simple steps

  1. Point your browser to http://www.meetup.com/Trojmiasto-Java-User-Group/
  2. get account
  3. join Trojmiasto-Java-User-Group
  4. register for incoming events
  5. let’s meet in next meetup :)

Stay tuned, more is coming :)

[29.05.14] 55th meeting – Paweł Noga, Testing on mobile devices

this time we’re going to check out what are the challenges of testing on mobile devices. We had an introduction talk from him Paweł on one of the Student Initiative meetings. He knows very well what he is talking about, so it’s our pleasure to invite you for more advanced topics on mobile testing.

When: 29.05.2014, 17:30

WhereGdański Inkubator Przedsiębiorczości, Lęborska 3B, Gdańsk


CU all there :)

[24-04-2014] 54th meeting: GarbageCollector & Java tricky stuff in grammar and javac

This time two talks at one session. Sławomir Ginter and Marek Parfianowicz will take us into not so often visited regions of your favorite platform.

Sławek will show us this and that about garbage collection and after that we’re going to deep dive with Marek into Java grammar issues, from version 5 up to 8.

When: 24.IV.2014, 17:30

WhereGdański Inkubator Przedsiębiorczości, Lęborska 3B, Gdańsk

About Speakers:

Sławomir Ginter
Co-Founder & Non-managing Partner. Never been a CEO nor wanted it. And proud of it. Knows a thing or two about how to write software in a non-messy manner.
Craftsmanship, low cost of maintenance vs. cowboy coding, etc. You know what it means.
You can easily learn from him a lot of under the hood stuff about Java, JVM, Scala, functional programming and why Javascript is the best language and why it’s not.

Marek Parfianowicz
I wrote my first program in Pascal in 1992 using a pencil and a sheet of paper. I’ve graduated in computer science on the Technical University of Gdańsk in 2004 and started a career as C/C++/Java developer in Lufthansa Systems. I love topics related with the source code quality, code metrics, static analysis and the test automation.

Take friends and CU there :)