Tricity Java User Group is an independent, open, not connected directly with any company and free from excessive marketing organization. Because we grow and expand continously we’re searching for peoples and companies willing to partner with us.

Basic form of help and partnership is giving a lecture. Lectures can be given by almost everybody who has experience (not necessarily work-related) in some technology or tool related to Java (or JVM). When a lecture is given by company it’s acceptable for it to talk (for maximum 5 minutes) about itself and current recruitment process at the end of lecture.

Another form of meetings, during which we often need a lot of help, are workshops. Workshops are practical sessions, organized not often than once for quarter, on Saturday. Because its formula is a lot more difficult to organize not only substantive but also physical assistance is more than welcomed (preparing rooms, taking care of catering etc.).

The more our group expands and grows, the more its needs grow along with. Some of those needs can not do without financial support. Some examples of those needs:

  • room rental for lectures and workshops
  • promotional materials (roll-ups, posters)
  • pro accounts for such services like Eventbrite, meetup or Parleys

Each company which will provide financial support will be called Sponsor and from that moment:

  • can set up roll-up during meetings
  • it’s logo will be placed on all promotional materials and group website
  • information about company will be placed on Sponsors and Partners page

Promotion time depends on size of support.

Above are not all the possible forms of support and help. If you have different idea – please, let us know!

All peoples and companies interested in partnership with Tricity Java User Group are asked to Contact us!